Case study :


Full Integration of a Drupal E-Commerce with an In-House ERP System


Since its founding in 1962, Lavigueur Jewellers has become a leader in the jewelry industry, mostly thanks to its eleven jewelry stores in Quebec and Ontario.

In 2012, the company began to turn to web-based technologies, as they wanted to display all of their jewelry online, on an elegant and ergonomic website.
The company then informed us of their main issues: creating a web presence and online jewelry catalog without duplicating data entry, by creating a web site which communicates with its ERP, and providing proximity to customers who reside in rural locations.


  • Transactional site
  • Synchronization with their in-house ERP
  • Automated processes and monitoring
  • Security and advanced access-rights management
  • Optimization of site performance
  • Communication about products and the business
  • Management of newsletters
  • Making clients happy!

#1 Concept and preparation

After identifying the client’s priorities and communication needs, iTx technologies created an inventory outlining the specifics of the existing IT system in view of the future synchronization of orders and user accounts between the transactional site and Lavigueur Jewellers’ management system. Following several meetings and exchanges between the different parties (the marketing department, Lavigueur’s IT department and the designer), iTx was able to provide recommendations regarding the set objectives.

#2 Design and integration

The preparation done in advance, as well as the constructive dialogue between the different actors involved in the project, led to the production of an efficient, yet realistic design – a real treasure chest of technology that meets all the needs of Lavigueur Jewellers. iTx Technologies transformed Photoshop files into optimized animations and into HTML and CSS files that are compatible with modern browsers.

technologie mise en oeuvre

#3 Technology

Drupal was chosen for its reliability, scalability and versatility. Actually, the technological platform is as useful for content management as it is for the sale of products, and also allows for communication with disparate web services.

The flexibility of Drupal was a great asset when it came time to build a strong transactional system that could interact with Lavigueur’s custom ERP.

In fact, the orders generated by the Drupal Commerce reference module are processed and sent to the company’s infrastructure via a fully customized module in XML format to be integrated with the delivery and billing system.

Also, the security of the entire Drupal system has been strengthened: in addition to the security features already included in transactional systems, we developed auditing and monitoring tools that send alerts if third party services malfunction.

The product sheets are also connected to Lavigueur Jeweller’s computer system. A Drupal module had actually been created for this particular reason: the module regularly synchronizes with the company’s server to update their products, either by adding new ones or deleting old ones.

Our team of developers enjoyed working on the abundance of technical challenges that came with this project, as the project made use of all that that can be done with Drupal: complex views, dialogue with web services, transactions and automated testing and monitoring.

#4 Implementation and monitoring

As we were already using Git to version our code, we decided to use Capistrano to quickly, easily and safely deploy our code to the production server. In fact, Capistrano allows us to go back if problems arise and also makes it easier to post a new version.
Furthermore, we use course backup and monitoring systems to make the entire system more efficient and safe.




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