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The functional analysis of a solution is the foundation of a project – it is the reference document to which the different actors can refer to understand the specifics of the approach.

This document must be absolutely exhaustive and precise, as it defines the framework of the solution – what should be considered part of it and what falls outside the mandate. It must also be worded in a way that leaves the least possible room for interpretation by the reader.

It is vital to involve a technical team from this stage onwards in order to reflect in detail on the functionalities, interactions and the usage scenarios of the web site or mobile application.

Too often, omissions or inconsistencies appear when the development phase begins because the functional analysis had not provided any instructions regarding strategic technical problems and had only suggested scenarios where the user never makes an error.

These unforeseen situations require some functionalities to be rethought, sometimes entirely, as the responsibility of finding a solution was not left to the developers.

Projects that are not well thought through end up being late and incurring additional costs, whereas these problems could have been anticipated if the developers had been consulted during the design phase.

It is therefore important for a specialized team to be involved from the beginning phases of a project when designing a website or the mobile application.

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Experience in the field

Due to our experience in website and mobile application design, we are aware of the problems that can stem from an inadequate assessment of needs and of functional requirements.

The above image illustrates the importance of a good specification which respects the budget and the timeline of the project. The horizontal axis represents the client’s budget.

Functional analysis for financing

Code audit of other providers (or internal departments)

In order to guarantee the technical quality of a website or mobile application project, it is important to know the industry standards and best practices for code writing and architecture. It is useful to involve a technical team from outside the project that is specialized in the development of web solutions in several code revision phases, in order to detect programming and configuration errors. This will ensure the security and performance of the solution and its infrastructure. It also makes it possible to evaluate the progress of a project, the quality of a service offer and the reliability of a provider.

Performance and optimization testing

Optimizing the code architecture and the infrastructure of a web solution can considerably reduce the hosting and maintenance costs. After the code review phase, certain functionalities may need to be rewritten to optimize efficiency and maintainability. A bad algorithm can multiply the computing time exponentially and cause the material resource needs to increase exponentially as well. On the other hand, a more efficient code can reduce the computing time and thereby reduce the related costs.

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