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Drupal is an Open Source platform designed to build robust and flexible websites and applications. It is used by thousands of organizations and businesses worldwide.

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First of all, Drupal is user-friendly for content administrators. It allows users to manage the content of their web pages with precision and without technical assistance. Furthermore, the administration of the site can be personalized, letting users adapt the site to their publication process.

When it comes to posting content, Drupal also gives site administrators a lot of power to modify the layout of the website. New layouts can be created by assigning blocks to a certain area of the page or by creating different page models (with 2 columns or full-width for example) and assigning blocks to them. This gives a lot of power to administrators who have no knowledge of programming language and it allows the site owners to reduce the maintenance costs that result from hiring web developers.

Not only is Drupal supported by a community of devoted developers around the world, but it is also the ideal choice for organizations with a global reach such as General Motors, Best Buy and Yahoo! Drupal’s reputation was established over time due to the its reliability and extensibility.

A powerful and feature-rich ecosystem

For developers, Drupal is like a large toolbox that also provides a structured framework for developing complex functionalities. Its wide range of APIs offer developers a secure and robust layer that allows them to develop modules, functionalities, processes and other customized additions that will continue to work efficiently well into the future. Drupal is both a CMS and a framework, which makes it a very attractive choice for the development of web applications.

Drupal is an open source software that was developed by the community for the community. The community also provides security updates, training documents, modules which add new functionalities and much more.

The community is also very active on the Web: thousands of developers collaborate online through forums, websites and other blogs, promoting the rigorous quality standards established by the project founders from the start.

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