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Native iOS and Androids

For large application projects or for projects that require access to hardware (GPS, Camera, etc.), native applications are necessary. We develop and test with cutting-edge technology that is required to work with the latest updates such as iOS 8 and Android Lollipop and that ensures the compatibility of the application with older versions. Developing with Objective-C and Java enables us to optimize the minute details of your final product and offers virtually unlimited flexibility when it comes to the functionalities of your application.

Our expertise with these platforms guarantees you a high-quality product which will easily pass all the checks performed by Apple and other application markets, making the launch of your product hassle-free.


Native iOS and Androids

Cordova and Phonegap

With the large number of mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Microsoft, Blackberry, etc.) the native development of a mobile application that is compatible with many platforms can be very long and costly (one development per platform). For this reason, we suggest a multi-platform application created with Cordova (one development for use with all platforms).

Cordova is an open source framework which allows developers to use standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and web services to create mobile applications that are compatible with the majority of existing mobile platforms.

Cordova also allows the application to access most of the mobile’s functions via plugins and native libraries and also offers application tracking via Google Analytics. To provide a better service to our clients, we use Javascript frameworks such as AngularJs to create Cordova applications.

Développement d'applications mobiles

CLM: Veeva, Cegedim

We have developed an expertise with CRM/CLM systems such as Veeva and Cegedim, applications which allow representatives to create presentations on the road via mobile applications.

These products geared towards the pharmaceutical field allow the user to create stunning presentations in HTML5 and to easily distribute them to thousands of representatives around the world.

For example, by developing an iPad application inside the Veeva application, a pharmaceutical representative can collect information on the use of the application through Veeva. By putting in place different tracking points, your sales team will benefit from the complete integration of a CLM with their CRM.


Custom application / Mobile / SMS Notification

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