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Employee & Activity Management Application on mobile and tablet


Thermoco is a business founded in 1981 specialized in the sale and installation of ventilation systems. Themoco approached us because they needed a technological solution allowing them to better manage the staff dedicated to the installation of their products on the road.

The way that the business managed their different teams depended on software that was not created for the task: Microsoft Excel. For each week of the year, the administrators created a table in which they recorded each assignment: team, client, address, description of the task, etc. This Excel sheet was displayed on a television in the workshop where the employees would go each morning to check their schedule for the day.


  • Easy-to-use system for the employees to encourage use
  • Intuitive interface for administration of daily assignments
  • Keep a journal of changes for each task/assignment
  • Notify the staff when a change occurs during the day
  • Enable employees to check their schedules without going to the office
Passage from excellent to a mobile application

#1 Needs analysis

While analyzing their procedures, it became apparent that many problems stemmed from this practice: it was difficult to notify employees when there was a change to the schedule, the administration and archiving of assignments was tedious and no journal of assignments was kept.

#2 Design of a mobile solution

With these objectives in mind, we designed an application for tablets and mobiles that is connected to a web database. In administration mode, it enables those responsible to manage employees, assign work to teams and assign these teams to work sites. Thanks to a pre-established colour code, it is easier to identify the assignments of a given team.

#3 Mobility = Accessibility

As the application is available on tablets and mobile phones, the employees now have access to their schedule from anywhere at any time. Also, thanks to the Twilio SMS gateway, we integrated a system of SMS notifications into the application. These notifications allow the managers to alert an employee or an entire team when one of the day’s assignments has been moved, modified or cancelled. This way they can better manage their time, optimize their travel routes and be sure to have the right tools for the job.


Mobile application and tablet

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