Case study :

Les Petits Chefs

Development of an e-commerce connected to a   customized ERP on Laravel 5


Food services Les Petits Chefs is a thriving family business whose main mission is to serve nutritional meals for toddlers in daycare centers and elementary schools.


Faced with the strongest growth, the company decided to create a real virtual menu 2.0 where customers can order the contents of their children's lunch boxes online while allowing them to manage their allergies more easily. Children. & Nbsp; Internally, the platform also becomes a true ERP to manage kitchen operations, customer service and sales.




  • Meal Buying Platform Online
  • Allergy management based on meal ingredients
  • Management of operations in the kitchen
  • Security and Management of Employee Rights
  • Complex reporting system (sales, operations, etc ...)
  • Management of ordering errors and customer service
  • Availability of the platform 24/7

# 1 Analysis

The main objective of Petits Chefs was to sell meals for children online. Our team has also realized that the customer needed a lot more: a platform that would become the hub of all the operations of the company.

It was therefore necessary to provide an extensible and sufficiently robust technology so that the platform remains viable in the long term, that it is a real investment. We have & nbsp; decided to build the platform on a Laravel 5 base, a modern open source framework written in PHP.

# 2 Architecture of the solution

One of the important features of the platform is the allergy alert system that warns the parent when a selected meal contains allergens for her child. This is the ERP behind the transactional site that bridges the ingredients of the selected dishes and the menu available to the parent in the school calendar.


In addition to the many features typical of an e-commerce site (order cancellation, reimbursement, etc.), the ERP benefiting the company's administrators allows them to manage all kitchen operations thanks to Automation tools. Critical data on sales, meals to produce and other reports are available in just a few clicks thanks to intuitive and powerful administrative interfaces.

Drupal, Apache Solr, Multisite, Infolettre

#3 Technology

On the back end, Laravel 5 was chosen for its extensibility and for & nbsp; Eloquent, an object-relational mapping (ORM) system implementing Active Record. This ORM & nbsp; allows us to simplify the many and complex queries to the database.

The responsive interface is provided by the Twitter library Boostrap. We also use the jQuery javascript library to handle asynchronous queries to the database such as shopping cart registration, verification of allergies and cancellation of a meal for a given day.

#4 Production

The deployment is automated by a container of Docker-type virtualized software, enabling us to package all dependencies and deploy them easily on any type of infrastructure. This method accelerates not only the initial deployment of the application, but also ensures greater scalability and maintenance of the platform.




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